How to manage apprenticeship paths: the R.APP project

R.APP project

In Europe, the apprenticeship still encounters a lot of resistance. This is due to the lack of knowledge of its advantages and to the perception that it is a tool whose use is burdened with a complex bureaucratic procedure. To worsen, the absence of an authentic culture of workplace training, the difficulty in identifying suitable apprentices and in training internal tutors.

An answer to these problems is represented by the R.APP project. - European roadmap for apprenticeship effectiveness and quality governance.

Co-funded by the Erasmus program, the project involves a European team, consisting of: Reattiva Regione Europa Attiva (Italy), Apopsi Pireus (Greece), Iak Ostbrandenburg (Germany), European Academy (Romania), Hermes Corporation (Malta) and, as associated partners, also the Marche Region and the Molise Region of Italy.

Thanks to an innovative and flexible approach, the R.APP model aims to provide skills on how to correctly manage apprenticeship paths, how to exploit apprentices during their company training and how to motivate companies to make use of the collaboration of apprentices. Among its objectives: to train tutors who work both in the provision of professional training and in schools, to train internal tutors in companies and to promote the adoption of quality procedures.

As part of the project, four didactic guides (translated into five languages) were created for tutors of companies in apprenticeship:

• The first contains ways of organizing the entire training path, from the teaching to be taught in the classroom and in the workplace, to the activities that can be organized to increase the motivation of students/apprentice.

• The second provides practical tools for structuring a training intervention aimed at VET teachers / tutors involved in the planning and management of apprenticeship paths.

• The third is a handbook for company tutors that offers concise information and concrete tools to be used daily during the training of apprentices.

• The fourth is a handbook that serves to support VET and company tutors during the apprentice mobility processes.

To learn about the project and download the guides, visit the R.APP website.