Recovery and Resilience Plans invest on dual apprenticeship: the French case

french case

France is the country with the highest birth rate in Western Europe and with youth unemployment at 20% (compared to 25% overall in Europe). In this scenario, the use of the apprenticeship tool becomes fundamental.

The French government has implemented the “1 Young Person, 1 Solution” program with a twofold objective: to connect companies and young people looking for work or professional training.

The program consists of a series of special measures to support young people after the pandemic crisis and facilitate their entry into the labor market through mechanisms such as support for apprenticeships.

In addition, financial aid will also be available for employers who will hire young people with apprenticeship contracts. The aid is paid for the first year of the contract and the amount varies according to the age of the apprentice: € 5,000 for the apprentice under 18 and € 8,000 for the apprentice over 18 years of age .

The aim is clear and ambitious: to ensure each young French can find a solution for his/her future.