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The Network Cities for Apprenticeship supports apprenticeships in collaboration with regional and national stakeholders, to become an advocacy platform, provide cities with information, training, and technical and policy assistance and build strong cross-city partnership.

It will play a proactive role in encouraging development of green and digital skills in apprenticeships and give voice to cities in the European Alliance for Apprenticeship.

The network started its activities in June 2020 through a series of virtual workshops and will develop concrete proposals which will be shared with the European Commission.

The workshops will become catalyst for discussions on the role of cities in developing and implementing apprenticeships.

At the same time, the network can fuel the consultative process for the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights and have an impact on the European policies implemented during the new programming cycle 2021-2027.

No fee is required to join the Network of Cities for Apprenticeship.

What is the role of theNetwork Cities4apprenticeship’s members?

  • Informing, inspiring and supporting apprenticeship within their communities and networks and be a catalyst for apprenticeships within the local business environment
  • Leading by example in sustaining quality and effective apprenticeships and supporting the digital and green transition
  • Sharing ideas and experience and fueling the consultative process for the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights and the European policies of the new programming cycle 2021-2027
  • Advocating at national, regional and local level in order to persuade public authorities, schools, universities, organisations and businesses to commit to ambitious apprenticeship actions and pledges
  • Sharing scientifically reliable knowledge and raising awareness on topics related to quality apprenticeship, e.g. through organising online and offline events and thematic discussions, running campaigns in media and social media, offering data, expertise and stories related to effective apprenticeship
  • Organising activities related to apprenticeship, e.g. fostering local apprenticeship coalitions, apprenticeship mobility schemes, organising information desks, skills contests, designing and delivering financial and non-financial incentives for apprenticeships (i.e. supporting apprenticeship and skills through public procurement), integrating green and digital skills in apprenticeship, etc.
  • Exchanging knowledge, e.g. through peer-to-peer training, to help anyone start or expand apprenticeship initiatives

How can I become a member?
The Network of Cities for Apprenticeships is an initiative promoted in the frame of the European Alliance for Apprenticeship (EAfA).
The Network Cities for Apprenticeship encourages its member to join the European Alliance for Apprenticeship and boosts the presence of the cities and the metropolitan cities in the Alliance.
To join you should complete the pledge application form and return it by email to: and 
Do not forget to mention in the Section 4 the Cities4Apprenticeship network as your partner!

Not ready to join the European Alliance for Apprenticeship but interested to join Cities4Apprenticeship?
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